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[29 Aug 2007|10:25am]
Thought I'd go ahead and post this over here.
This is a copy of my blog post from over at the
obesityhelp.com website. There are some great people
over there who are just filled with good advice.
But when it comes down to it, I'd rather hear from
my "real" friends :)
In two weeks I will be on the "losing side" of life. I had reached a point where I thought that this was never going to happen. I remember being so excited in 2005 when I had all of my appointments set up and everything was ready to go and then Blam...lost my insurance. And there was just no way that I could cover this out of pocket.
Now, with my new insurance I was petrified that they would find a way to deny me. Everyone kept saying that I was a great candidate, that I had all the right indicators to be eligible for this surgery. But the way that my luck works, I just knew that there was gonna be a reason that they denied me coverage. When Beverly called me and told me that I had been approved I nearly fell out of my chair. And they had even approved me two days sooner than what either she or I had expected.
She (Beverly) called me yesterday to tell me a few things about the surgery and the diet that I would need to follow before surgery to help shrink my liver(the diet starts tomorrow actually). It was a lot of information to take in on the phone while I'm rushing to pick my class up from music. She said she was sending me a packet that would tell me everything I need to know.
I'm still so excited, but I have a little bit of that overwhelmed feeling that people tend to get in situations like this. Before yesterday this all felt like some abstract event that was going to be happening at some as yet unknown time period in the future. Now, it's all very concrete and very real and it's just around the corner.
Most of my friends have moved away, so I don't really have anyone to just sit down and talk about this with. Talking on the phone just isn't the same (not that I'm much of a phone talker anyway). I guess I'll just trudge along doing the best that I can and working my absolute hardest not to let my fears get the better of me.
This is an amazing opportunity and I can't wait. But I've come to realize that this is incredibly life altering...and I'm just a little scared.
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[26 Aug 2007|01:44pm]
Because it's been a while; and I just feel the need...
SecretsCollapse )
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[26 Aug 2007|11:55am]
mom's party went well. there were a lot of people up there last night.
it seems very different now that buddy is gone. i had a good time, but
i was tired through pretty much the whole night. I was ready to come
home and go to bed by about 10 o'clock.
came home and watched pulp fiction with jacob. i ended up falling asleep
before it was over with, but i managed to hang on throught about half of
i need to get online and print out my chapter 2 a&p notes and take my chapter
1 online quiz but i haven't been able to get the stupid site to work since
friday. it's driving me crazy.
i had a parent call me earlier wanting to set up a conference. i have no
idea why. i haven't had any problem with the child. guess i'll find out
i so need to be doing laundry right now.
but i'm lazy.
i have the sniffles and a headache.
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[25 Aug 2007|07:58pm]

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[24 Aug 2007|05:44pm]

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[23 Aug 2007|08:04pm]
I heard this today.
I liked it a lot.
I agree with it.
Life is not about being successful.
Life is about being significant.
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[23 Aug 2007|12:56pm]
well, i never got anything accomplished with the doctor's office. they managed
to keep me on hold for a good twenty minutes before someone came back and told
me that the appointment maker was tied up with an insurance person and could i
call back in twenty minutes. i was like, um, i'm at school and i'm about to go
get my kids from p.e. can i call back this afternoon. i've decided (again) that
my doctor sucks. if i die of a heart attack or a stroke or something between
now and the time i can get an appointment squeezed in then you guys all know
who to go after. i tried to get in to see another doctor, but since i'm a new
patient, there's a wait on an appointment of like two weeks. maybe i should just
fall out or something so that someone somewhere has to see me. good grief. this
is absolutely retarded.
on a lighter note:
You Should Get a Rose Tattoo

Sexy and classic
You are pure rock and roll. You party hard. So does your tattoo.
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[23 Aug 2007|10:09am]
my blood pressure is driving me insane. i'm on hold with the doctor's office now trying to set up an appointment time that isn't going to wreak too much havoc on my school schedule. the medicine i'm on obviously isn't doing the trick. I'm averaging about 123/90'something most days. My head is in a constant state of feeling like it's about to explode. I really really wanted to call in today, but like a good little trooper i came up here. the principal came by to thank me for coming in, because we have so many teachers out right now...either b/c they're sick or because they're kids are sick. i'm hoping i'll only have to take a half day to go to the doctor and get this taken care of.
the kids are in p.e. now and then they have a chapel program. then this afternoon right after lunch we have library. thursdays are pretty awesome days because of that. it feels like they're barely in the class any. not that that's necessarily a good thing i guess, but it really helps with getting my lesson plans done in time to be turned in by the end of the day on friday.
a&p is going well so far. i've started studying chapter one notes for lecture and i finished my chapter 1 lab assignment. of course, by the time i was done i didn't know distal from lateral and coronal from cross. and i probably couldn't tell you up from down or left from right (because in a&p half the time they're backwards from normal). but i think i'll do okay at least on the first test :) melissa and i are talking about starting a study group. that'll be cool and helpful.
the dr.'s office still has me on hold. it's been almost 10 minutes now. geez. come on already. glad i'm not dying or anything.
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[22 Aug 2007|03:59pm]
oh wow. a&p is going to be a killer. i don't think that it would
be that bad in a regular weekly class, but meeting once a week for a few
hours...good grief. i was so confused by the end of the night last night.
There's a girl i know from karaoke in the class with me. At the end of the
night she was laughing saying she couldn't wait until the two of us were piled
up at the bar at how joy's studying for an a&p test :)
of all the things i heard last night one thing i remember clearly is that
since the kidneys and ureters are located behind the abdominal cavity they
are consideredd to be retroperitoneal. that's the main fact that hung with me.
Lab is tonight. i think we'll mainly be doing microscope practice tonight.
i need to remember to take some movies back to blockbuster.
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[21 Aug 2007|04:58pm]
getting prepped to go to class.
i mostly just want to crawl into bed
and sleep for a few days.
tired tired tired tired tired tired
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[19 Aug 2007|01:52pm]
i love Rihanna's song Umbrella.
I am NOT a big fan of Mandy Moore;
but strangely I love Mandy's Moore's
cover of umbrella. It has such a sad,
melancholy feel to it. It almost makes
me want to cry.
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[17 Aug 2007|01:37pm]
today has been an incredibly long day. I did really well up through about lunch time, but something about after lunch just makes me tired. The kids are done and they're ready for recess. It's super hot out and the headmaster prefers us not to go outside. Of course, they can only be entertained by movies for so long. The boys are wanting to go outside and play football so badly that they can't see straight. I told them that we would go outside every day next week if they would sit quietly today and watch the Spongebob Squarepants Movie. I'm going to have to find something coolish to wear next week b/c I'm destined to be really hot.
The good thing about them agreeing (and actually being quiet) is that I got my lesson plans written and put into the computer already. Yay me! I'm super productive in my brief little moments of freedom :) That means that maybe I won't be stuck up here until 5 o'clock afterall. Hip hip Hooray!!!!
Okay, guess that I should go and at least look like I'm watching the kids watch the movie.
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[17 Aug 2007|06:44am]
yay friday yay friday.
i have a ton of things to get accomplished today before i leave
school. i'll probably be up there till around 4/4:30. i forgot
to grade my spelling pretests so the kids are gonna be mad when
i make them all take the test today. oh well.
gotta see if i can get back into the swing of this whole day thing
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[15 Aug 2007|08:44pm]
this is my current desktop.
it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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[15 Aug 2007|02:27pm]
knew that it was gonna be a bad day.
woke up late, got to school later than i wanted
to. walking into the office i get dive bombed by
wasps. i get stung on the back of my hand and twice
in my hairline above my ear. I immediately start pouring
sweat and throwing up. I had to leave and go to the
emergency room, for a wasp sting. anyway...they did chest
xray that showed lung constricton so they put me on an
i.v. anti-inflammatory. i got benedril for the sting itself
and fenegrin for the nauseau. I also had to get a tetnis shot
b/c it's been forever since i've had one. i was all poked and
prodded and tired. now i'm just tired. the e.r. doctor wrote
me a prescription for an EpiPen. I've never had an issue like
this before. It was scary and uncool.
on top of everything else, my phone has been turned off. the bill
was paid in full about 2 weeks ago. I got a message last week sent
to my phone saying my bill was past due. i called cellular south
and they said that it could be that the payment just hadn't made it
to the central office location yet. and today, blammo no cell phone.
mom's been on the phone for about thirty minutes trying to get it
straightened out.
not a good day today.
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[15 Aug 2007|06:44am]
okay, i'm slacking.
i didn't get up early enough to go to walmart this morning.
that means we'll just have to do the pottery activity tomorrow
instead of today. that's okay though, bc we need to play catch
up with out science lessons. running half days has really
screwed with all of my plans. oh well. better to have screwy
plans than half melted students.
my middle finger on my left hand (where i got stung) is all
swollen up and there's a line of swelling and pain straight down
the center of the back of my hand. i think i must be having
some kind of small allergic reaction. i've never had a wasp sting
do like this. owwie.
gotta go...running behind this morning.
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[14 Aug 2007|07:28pm]
okay, about 3/4ths of laundry is finished. i'm done doing
laundry for the day. i think my bout with the devil wasps
exempts me from having to spend all night running in and out
of mosquito infested territory doing the last load and a half
of laundry. i have plenty of clothes to last me the rest of
the week. i'll do the laundry this weekend; if i can find two
seconds between lesson plans, work, and JamBoRee duty.
I have gate duty at 3:30 on the softball field on Monday. Boy
that should be lots of fun. I imagine i'll be good and melted
by the time it's time for me to come home. Ugh.
good news, I talked to beverly this afternoon. my psychological
eval is thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock by phone. yay! she was
afraid that they wouldn't accept a phone eval, but they had no
problem with it at all.
I need to take some stuff back to blockbuster tomorrow.
i need to remember to change my alarm so that i can get up early
enough to pop in to walmart before i go to school in the morning.
tired now. maybe i'll actually fall asleep around 9 instead of just
getting in the bed at 8 and laying there till midnight.
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[14 Aug 2007|05:47pm]
grr...i just finished telling mom how bad the wasps were at school.
i go outside to put my clothes in the washing machine and get slammed
in the hand by two of the little turds. it's been a really long time
since i got stung, i'd forgotten how badly that crap hurt...ouchie!
in case you haven't noticed...it's freaking hot out today.
did you guys see the video on cnn about the wood chips at the arlington
playground spontaneously combusting and setting the playground equipment
on fire? that stuff is whacked out. they've closed twenty playgrounds while
they investigate the danger factor. scary stuff.
running away now to try and find some place cool to lay down and nurse
my poor wasp stung hand.
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[14 Aug 2007|11:43am]
I'm pretty certain that if i keep this up that my poor
little feet are just gonna give up and fall off. i need
to go on a quest for some better tennis shoes or somthing.
it's supposed to be 105 degrees today, and being the brilliant
person that i am, i wore all black to school today. Even my
socks and my hair scrunchie are black :) i'm a goober. the
fifth grade teacher and i keep meeting on the sidewalk...we both
look like drowned rats we've sweated so much. the sweat issue is
not helped by the fact that i have hyperhydrosis. grr.
at least i get to leave at 1 today. i need to go to the store
and buy dishpans for storage and some clay for a project that we're
going to do tomorrow. fun times. i also need to remember to pick
up a watch.
guess that's about it for now.
more to come later.
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[13 Aug 2007|05:27pm]
our air conditioning at school isn't able to keep
up with ungodly intense heat. because of this
we're running a half-day schedule for the rest of
the week. while i think that's awesome, i hate the
fact that it messes my lesson plans all up. since
my kids have their specials in the morning and the
headmaster has said we're going to have lunch, then
my kids won't really be in the class for much more
than two hours. i need to do some plan finagle'ing.
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